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      Primary Industry
    Cream of the West Harlowton
Flour Mixes and Dough Manufacturing from Purchased Flour - Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs
    Gluten Free Prairie Manhattan
Flour Milling and Other Grain Mill Products
    GTC Nutrition Missoula
Flour Milling of Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables for Soup Mixes (vegetable flour)
    Malteurop Great Falls
Malt Manufacturing
    Montana Specialty Mills, LLC Great Falls
Other Oilseed Processing into Shortening, Table Oils, Margarine and Other Edible Fats and Oils, (processing vegetable oils, except corn, soybeans, from oilseeds and cottonseed, crushed in the same establishment)
    Sidney Sugars, Incorporated
Beet Sugar Manufacturing