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Montana Specialty Mills, LLC        

Location:3rd Street NW & Burlington Tracks, Great Falls
Employment:   25.0

For information contact:
    Chambers, Steve
    PO Box 2208
    Great Falls, MT  59403
    Phone: 406-761-2338
      or Phone: 800-332-2024

boiled linseed oil
Brown, yellow, and oriental mustards
canola meal
defatted flaxseed
defatted mustard spice
feed oil
flaxseed oil
ground flaxseed
ground mustards
(standard and specialty grinds)

High Erucic rapeseed oil
meat packards grade mustard
Mustard oil
Natural food ingredients for food manufacturers
Omega 3 rich flaxseed oil
(whole or ground to specifications)

organic certified canola oil
rapeseed oil
(crude, or refined and bleached)

raw linseed oil
refined and bleached linseed oil
rye and rye flour
whole wheat
whole wheat flour

Processes and Equipment
Dry Mustard Milling
Oilseed Crushing

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Other Oilseed Processing into Shortening, Table Oils, Margarine and Other Edible Fats and Oils, (processing vegetable oils, except corn, soybeans, from oilseeds and cottonseed, crushed in the same establishment)
      classifications codes:    NAICS  311223