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ILX Lightwave Corp        

Location:31950 E Frontage Road, Bozeman

For sales contact:
    North American Sales Manager
    PO Box 6310
    Bozeman, MT  59771
    Phone: 800-459-9459
    Fax: 406-586-9405

For information contact:
    Freeman, Dick
    PO Box 6310
    Bozeman, MT  59771
    Phone: 406-586-1244
    Fax: 406-586-9405

Fiber Optic Instruments
Fiber Optic Power Meters
Fiber Optic Test systems
Laser Diode Anaysis equipment and software
Laser Diode current sources
Laser Diode Mounts
Multi-channel Laser Diode Controllers
Optical Multimeter
Optical test and measurement instruments
Test and measurement equipment for the optical componet industry
Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals (except automotive ammeters and voltmeters)
      classifications codes:    NAICS  334515