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American Truck Wash Systems        

    World Leader in Large Vehicle Fleet Wash Systems

Location:3635 W. Broadway, Missoula

For information contact:
    Gordon, Michael
    Vice President
    PO Box 5202
    Missoula, MT  59806
    Phone: 406-728-2170
    Fax: 406-728-9588

Automated Interior Reefer Cleaning System
Automated Large Train, Bus, and Truck Fleet Wash Systems
Container washing equipment
Drive through wash systems
Fleet wash Chemicals
(USDA Approved)

Large Vehicle Blower Systems
rollover gantry
Truck Washing Systems
udercarriage wash equipment
vehicle dryer systems

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing - Special Industry Machinery (automotive maintenance equipment)
      classifications codes:    NAICS  333319