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Double R Machine, Inc    

    Specializing in Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Location:1326 Skalkaho Highway, Hamilton

For information contact:
    Koppes, Monte
    General Manager
    1326 Skalkaho
    Hamilton, MT  59840
    Phone: 406-375-8585
    Fax: 406-375-8584

For information contact:
    Koppes, Russ
    1326 Skalkaho Highway
    Hamilton, MT  59840
    Phone: 406-375-8585
    Fax: 406-375-8584

abrasive water jet cutting
cutting of any material
high-run production
precision cutting
precision machining
short-run production

Processes and Equipment
abrasive water jet cutter
Capacity: 2 inches of thickness  (uses water and garnet at 40,000 PSI with +/- .003" accuracy) 

machining/cutting from CAD
DWG or DXF formats

TIG & MIG welder
tumble deburr machine

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Machine Tool Manufacturing
      classifications codes:    NAICS  333517