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Spika Welding & Manufacturing        

    Specializing in structural alunimum fabrication, primarily work platforms.

Location:254 Cottonwood Creek Road, Lewistown
Employment:   60.0

For information contact:
    Spika, Tom
    PO Box 1123
    Lewistown, MT  59457
    Phone: 406-535-5678
    Fax: 406-535-5676

For sales contact:
    Spika, Bekhi
    Director of Marketing
    PO Box 1123
    Lewistown, MT  59457
    Phone: 406-535-5678
    Fax: 406-535-5676

Aluminum fabrication
Aviation and Industrial work / upper level access Platforms
Aviation Maintenance Fixtures and Equipment
Contract Manufacturing
custom design
maintenance platforms
Manufacturing/Assembly Line Access Equipment
support equipment
work platforms

Processes and Equipment
Aluminum Welding
CNC machining
TIG & MIG Welding

Certifications, Licenses, Permits, etc.
AWS D1.2 - AWS
Mil Std 1595 - mil1595

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
      classifications codes:    NAICS  332312