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Y''s Engineering        

    product design: mold machining: injection molding

Location:106 W. Aztec Drive, Lewistown

For information contact:
    Simmons, Noel
    106 W. Aztec Dr.
    Lewistown, MT  59457
    Phone: 406-366-4638

3D printing
(Stratasys 3D printer full ABS functional plastic parts)

compression molds
EDM buring
(Sodick CNC EDM sinker with c axis)

fiberglass molds
injection molding
(injection molding with new Arburg.)

injection molds
medical devices
molded plastic threaded parts
Production Manufacturing
Rapid Prototyping

Processes and Equipment
Arburg injection molding
CNC EDM Sodick
CNC Mill

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Engineering Services
      classifications codes:    NAICS  541330