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Lupine Logic, Inc.        

    Advanced geo-digital-imaging (GDI) solutions for business and government

Location:131 West Spruce Street, Suite #3, Missoula

For information contact:
    Glassy, Joe
    PO Box 9303
    Missoula, MT  59807
    Phone: 406-541-3970
    Fax: 406-541-3971

Custom web/database rich-content system solutions for the enterprise
Integrated remote sensing, GIS, and GPS custom applications
Mobile Geo-digital-Imaging (GDI) customization solutions
(coyotEYE - our iPAQ PDA based real-time digital camera + GPS field database solution)

Spatial database design & implementation consulting
Technical and scientific programming for operational and R&D markets
transform NASA EOS data in the NCSA HDF and NASA HDFEOS data models into client specified formats

Primary Industry:  Service
Manufacturing Classification:  Computer Systems Design Services - Computer Integrated Systems Design
      classifications codes:    NAICS  541512