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Big Sky Geophysics        


For information contact:
    Jorgensen, Clark
    PO Box 353
    Bozeman, MT  59711
    Phone: 406-587-6330
      or Phone: 406-580-9718
    Fax: 406-587-6394

geologic mapping
hydrocarbon exploration
mineral exploration

Processes and Equipment
Apex Parametrics Max-Min II EM induction system
GEM GSM-19TG Proton Precession Magnetometer/Gradiometer
3.0 second sampling rate

GEM GSM-19W Overhauser Walking Magnetometer
0.5 second sampling rate

LaCoste and Romberg model G gravimeter
S/N G164

Trimble 5700 centimeter level accuracy eRTK GPS base/rover pair
with both real time and postprocessing options

Primary Industry:  Service
Manufacturing Classification:  Engineering Services
      classifications codes:    NAICS  541330